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Bookcamp Vancouver: Spring 2012 at the W2 Media Cafe #BCVan12 3 Books Worth Voting For: 2011 Giller Prize Longlist Talking to Elana Rabinovitch About the Giller Prize Charlottetown’s Jeff Bursey Added to Real Vancouver Writers’ Take 6 at W2 Woodwards, Monday May 30th. Planting Seeds: Indie Authors Cut Out the Middleman, Develop New Models Talking to Simon Winchester about Atlantic. Bookcamp Model and The Domino Project: Returning to Action. Talking to Timothy Taylor about The Blue Light Project Talking to Dennis E. Bolen About Anticipated Results. The Hashtag for BookNet Canada Tech Forum 2011 is: #TechForum11 Talking to Margaret Heffernan About Willful Blindness Talking to David Shields About Reality Hunger Talking to William Gibson About Zero History W2 Utopia Festival: Vancouver Women Read | Saturday March 5 2011 Context First: A Unified Field Theory of Publishing by Brian O’Leary What is Pirate Bay Telling Us? Portlandia: Feminist Bookstore with Steve Buscemi Replacing the Word ‘N-Word’ With Robot in Huckleberry Finn Rules for Canadian Writers: Updated for the Current Millennium! Neil Gaiman on Copyright, Piracy and the Commercial Value of the Web DIYBookscanner: We Can Build Our Own Stuff From Passive to Active: Here Come the Creator Tablets (via Don’t Make Me Steal Manifesto (from David Suzuki’s George Woodcock Award Acceptance Speech (excerpt) James Franco Does James Franco Doing James Franco (from Cougars vs Moshpits: The Christine Lowther Interview Building Better Analogies: Book Saver, Turntables & Real Value for Book Lovers.