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The Energy of Slaves: An Interview with Andrew Nikiforuk

Very pleased to finally share my brief but hugely illuminating interview with Andrew Nikiforuk about his important new book, The Energy of Slaves, Oil and the New Servitude. If you looking for a little light reading I recommend that you check out whatever it is that they’re selling at the local Costco. This is not [...]

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Interview with Noah Genner of BookNet Canada: The Canadian Book Consumer 2012

Last week I was in Montreal to speak with the Association of English-language Book Publishers of Quebec about using the web and social media to develop communications and discoverability strategies for publishers, writers, and books. While I was there I was made aware of the imminent release of BookNet Canada’s research into consumer behavior entitled: [...]

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Talking to Alyx Dellamonica About Blue Magic

Alyx Dellamonica is a Vancouver writer whose first novel, the apocalyptic fantasy INDIGO SPRINGS, was released in 2009 to rave reviews. Filled with sexual tension, unrequited love, messy ethical dilemmas and an ecologically unbalanced form of magic, the book tells the story of three friends who inadvertently cause the mystical equivalent of a nuclear meltdown [...]

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Talking to Dave Bidini About Writing Gordon Lightfoot

My first memories of Gordon Lightfoot are hearing his music coming from the old transistor radio in the corner of the kitchen in the house where I grew up in Ancaster, Ontario. Late seventies, early eighties. The radio was always on. I remember hearing Buddy Holly for the first time. I remember Barry Manilow and [...]

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Replacing the Word ‘N-Word’ With Robot in Huckleberry Finn

Replacing the Word ‘N-Word’ With Robot in Huckleberry Finn

Online fundraising spaces like Kickstarter and Indiegogo can provide the keys to cool creative projects for writers, artists, comedians, whoever.

This is the best one that I’ve seen yet.

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